When working with you, we offer a comprehensive package that ensures that you maximise your ability to use the workforce software to greatest effect. However, unlike our competitors, this is not a huge commitment on your side of time and money, as our tools are intuitive to use and quickly tailored to your requirements.


In this phase, we spend time with you ensuring the system's configuration reflects how your company works. This is done within the space of a day. Each individual outlet is then set up in a few minutes, which enables outlet managers to use the system as soon as they are trained.


Once the system is configured in the set-up phase, the outlet managers can be trained. We offer this as either 'train the trainer' sessions (which gives you control over the roll-out), or directly with your managers.

Sessions usually last two or three hours. We recommend initial 'Using the system' training of two hours followed by an hour's 'Making the most of the system' training a couple of weeks later. This allows users to take on more of the system benefits.


We know that getting the most out of this system depends on having managers who are confident using it for all scenarios they face. Support is therefore crucial. We offer a range of support options which we tailor to your requirements.