Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the product installed and what equipement do I need?

The product doesn't require any installation as it is available online through the internet or your own corporate network, should you choose to. Locally you need a computer connected to the internet (preferable broadband), running Windows and Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher).

How do I install are updates of the software?

Updates do not require any installation on your computers as they are made directly on the server. To you, all changes will be seamless and immediate.

Can I restrict users from accessing other internet sites?

Yes, you can restrict access on the computers being used, so only Quantum (and any other site you choose) can be accessed. It is relatively simple (and free!) to set up restrictions manually on your computers. Commercial software is also available.

Can your system be linked to my existing payroll software?

Yes, all clocking and holiday records can be exported for use with your payroll software.

How long does it take to train someone to use the software?

Our experience is that within two hours of interactive training, an outlet manager can make good use of the software. We recommend that after a few weeks of use, a further one hour training takes place on how to make best use of the software. These two sessions can also be combined together.

Can I create my own task types?

Yes, you can create your own task types to match how your business operates. Also, you can create your own task types totals (e.g. all your customer facing tasks grouped together) to manage groups of tasks.

Can I schedule separate work periods in a day?

Yes, you can schedule as many 'split shifts' as you need in a day; you can also assign different tasks to each period.

Can I use my own terminology?

Yes, you can configure the entire system using you own words, expressions and acronyms.

Does the software manage overtime and bank holiday payments?

Yes, you can define the start time and duration of overtime periods for each day of the week. You can assign individually any amount and type of premium (additional amount or percentage of base rate) to the overtime periods and bank holiday days.

Can different tasks be associated with different pay rates?

Yes, you can assign individually any amount and type of premium (additional amount or percentage of base rate) to the tasks you create.

Can I share employees between outlets?

Yes, you can share employees between outlets and produce a clocking report with all their records across all outlets where they have worked in. This enables you to produce accurate payroll reports for all employees.

Can I transfer employees from one outlet to another?

Yes, you can transfer employees, while keeping all their historical records.