Case Study

A well-performing five outlet franchised fast food operation in London, with the objective of reducing its labour cost whilst increasing the overall performance of the business.

Set up and training

Quantum was made available by setting up web links remotely on each computer). A two hour training session took place, where all trainees practiced directly on-screen by entering historical data and preparing the upcoming schedule.


A one hour analysis session took place a couple of weeks after the initial training. We looked at the daily and hourly detail. It became apparent that the sales were severely restricted during certain peak times and productivity was low on certain days. The client made the decision to schedule more staff over the restricted peak periods and to schedule less staff during the low productivity periods.


The weekly schedules changes had a positive impact on many levels of the business:


This was achieved by ensuring enough employees were scheduled to work during the peak times, which enabled more customers to be served.

Labour Cost

This was achieved by making the workforce more productive and by reducing by 1.4% the number of man hours used.


This was achieved by reducing the number of employees scheduled to work during quiet periods throughout the week.

Customer Service

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