About Us

Now-How Limited was set up to provide simple and easy to use software to help the managers of restaurants, pubs, retail outlets and fast food companies to schedule and manage their staff in a way that maximises their profits.

Our Story

One of our founders worked in senior positions for large well known international restaurant chains in Europe and in the UK. In this time he realised that companies were often still relying on paper-based systems to schedule staff which seemed at odds with a highly dynamic industry where labour costs are one of the key variables and where the impact of the minimum wage is being felt the most.

He realised that there were huge opportunities to increase labour efficiency and profit by using the scheduling software he had developed. It was piloted in 2004 with a major UK fast food company and generated, from incremental sales and labour cost reduction, additional bottom line profit running into tens of thousands of pounds each week. Spurred on by these results, he and other like minded professionals set up Now-How Limited to enable other companies to unlock their ability to increase profits.


Now-How Ltd takes its roots very seriously. Our choices of technology and design are always driven by knowing what our customers needs are and what will work best in the field. We take a lot of care to ensure that the tools are intuitive to use, so that they are welcomed by their users and are applied diligently. They are also designed to enhance managers skills rather than try to over-engineer solutions.

For more information on our approach and how we can help your business reduce unnecessary labour costs and uncap sales contact us.